Hospitals are structures that offer examination, analysis, medical intervention, surgery, medical research and treatment services to outpatients and inpatients. We, as As Teknolojik İnşaat, are aware that providing a sterile environment is very important for a hospital.

It is compulsory at hospitals to meet minimum hygiene or sterilization requirements at each and every unit such as operating theatres and related sections, intensive care, sterilization, material delivery etc. where there are high sterilization requirements to be met. Some of the areas that we, as As Teknolojik İnşaat, have specialized in in the construction of hospitals are as follows:

  • Lead covered walls manufacturing,
  • Rooms with radiation insulation,
  • Specially designed sound proof patient rooms,
  • Special façade systems manufacturing,
  • Water jet cut granite manufacturing,
  • Stainless/ Wooden column coverings,
  • Kitchen / Laboratory Corien Benches and industrial ceramics
  • Semi and fully-sterile hall PVC manufacturing
  • Intensive Care Rooms with Dialysis
  • Medical gas manufacturing
  • Terrace and Garden Cafe – Recreational Areas Manufacturing,
  • Lift and UPS rooms special culvert and canal manufacturing,
  • Metal / Wood / Acoustics / Stone wool / Plexy design ceiling coverings
  • Wet Area Manufacturing (Zero joint granite wall covering, double component water insulation, accessories wall reinforcement, installation partitioning Alçıpan walls, ceramics, shower cabin etc.)
  • Jacketing (Frame, floor moldings, joint gap manufacturing), Downspouts, Aluminum composite coping manufacturing,
  • Insulation between exterior curtain wall and earth manufacturing,
  • Landscaping, earth and lighting post works

Following the completion of the construction during which we proved our expertise in this field, the Private Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital received the JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL (JCI) accreditation. We will continue to construct hospitals in the upcoming years by making no concessions to our human values and quality policy that are crucial in hospital constructions.

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