HR Policies

Staff development and satisfaction are important for us.  Our HR policy is based on creating a staff profile in which professional development, high motivation, social competence and value creation are important. Managing, guiding and developing the human resource are also part of our HR policy.

AS Teknolojik İnşaat aims to:

  • Bring on board quality workforce who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in the relevant job definition and whose values comply with ours,
  • Create an effective and motivating work environment for staff where they can use their creativity and contribute to business by expressing their ideas,
  • Display a participatory and transparent management approach that contain in itself different perspectives and know-how,
  • Support professional development of our staff attaching importance to their personal and professional development,
  • Assess staff performance in the light of acceptable criteria, reward and encourage high performance,
  • Make staff happy by implementing innovative human resources practices.
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