Completed Projects


Being under construction on Taksim Square, at the heart of Istanbul, and planned to open its doors in 2020, the Atatürk Cultural Centre aims to become one of the largest cultural centres in the world.

Project content includes designing of an opera house accommodating 2500 people, a concert hall for 800 people, a convention hall for 1000 people, a movie theatre for 285 people, a chamber theatre for 250 people, libraries, restaurants and a parking lot for 885 vehicles.

The facade of the new AKM centre will be built so that it can be transformed into a large screen. In this way, it will be possible to watch events such as theatres, ballets, operas as the screen will reflect them to Taksim Square outside the building. The new AKM centre will provide for everyone access to culture and art activities, and will be the new heart of Istanbul which Turkish people can use 365 days of the year.

As Asteknolojik İnşaat, we are proud to be involved in this project, which excites our entire team. Within the scope of the project we continue working with our dedicated and disciplined team to complete:

  • manufacturing of aerated concrete walls and beams,
  • interior wall applications (plaster, paint, plasterboard manufacturing.)
  • specially designed soundproof ceiling and wall coverings,
  • specially designed, insulated, mechanical indoor and outdoor floor coverings,
    and to realize various other architectural applications.
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