Completed Projects


The electrical lines, data lines and floor lighting lines constructed together with transformer centers were classified according to electrical arrangement of the airport and were manufactured using cast-in-situ and precast manholes. 70 different types of DUCTBANK lines cover the whole new airport area as network or ring and are then connected to the transformer center and lighting areas.  AS TEKNOLOJİK A.Ş., has been a leading company in manufacturing DUCTBANK lines from the very beginning of the project due to continuous service and high quality production provided.

Construction of Ductbank:

  • Carrying out all types of hard and soft excavation filling works,
  • Excavation works,
  • Carrying out channel with grade excavation works,
  • PVC Pipe Production,
  • Precast (Manhole Hendol and Bridges on Open Channel) Unloading, Loading and Placing on the Floor,
  • Making the Precast and Line Casing Pipe Connections Depending on AGL OG IT AG CPU Line Types
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