Completed Projects


The walls, paints, façade covering and traffic flow signage paints of the parking areas in the south of the buildings were designed and completed by our company to meet high capacity and heavy traffic flow needs.

Completed works include the following:

  • Gas Concrete Wall with Ferroconcrete Bond Beam (19.467,58 m² wall + 9.958,91 mt bond beam)
  • Cement Based Machinery Plaster (35.593,17 m²)
  • Plaster Based Machinery Plaster (10.762,31 m²)
  • Constructive and Structural Steel Manufacturing (59.414,83 kg)
  • Multipurpose (Supporter, Reinforcement, Coating etc.) Tubular Steel and Rolling Mill Works (59.414,83 kg)
  • Alçıpan Wall (Partition, Cladding, Installation, Band etc.) Manufacturing (580,62)
  • Boardex/Guardex Manufacturing in Exterior – Installation Areas (3.645,67 m² Boardex)
  • Cement finish for all floors and blocks (Double mat / With Hand bended Iron trestle / Canted / of 10 - 25 Cm Variable Heights) (17.511,53 m²)
  • Artificial Stone Cladding, Plinth and Steps in Stairs and Technical Areas (2.092,95 m2)
  • Granite covering in passenger areas, plinth, (90*90*3 Cm) and Steps (222,04 m2)
  • 120*120 cm ceramic covering and plinth in general areas
  • Jacketing Package (Insulation + Plaster Net + Joint Gap + Dilatation Profiles + Decorative Paint)
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