Completed Projects


Following the completion of finishing works of Group 1 which included service floor and luggage carriage system and mechanical-electric rooms in the terminal main building, finishing works of Group 2 which included ceramic, granite, KompactLaminat wall coverings and metal- alçıpan suspended ceiling manufacturing in the passenger/personnel areas continued.

Completed works include the following:

  • Gas Concrete Wall Manufacturing with Ferroconcrete Bond Beam (21.028,96 m2 - 11.340,32 m)
  • Panel Wall Reinforced with Gas Concrete Wall (14.541,83  m2)
  • Cement Based Machinery Plaster (49.279,10  m2)
  • Plaster Based Machinery Plaster (12.250,36   m2)
  • Constructive and Structural Steel Manufacturing
  • Multipurpose (Supporter, Reinforcement, Coating etc.) Tubular Steel and Rolling Mill Works (342.014,55 kg)
  • Alçıpan Wall (Partition, Cladding, Installation, Band etc.) Manufacturing (23.800,95 m2)
  • Boardex/Guardex Manufacturing in Exterior – Installation Areas
  • Betopan Panel Application in Lift Volume Rendering 
  • Fireboard Applications in Areas with Fire Insulation
  • Supporting Steel Construction Manufacturing for Service Areas Inside Buildings
  • Cement finish for all floors and blocks (Double mat / With Hand bended Iron trestle / Canted / Of 10 - 25 Cm Variable Heights) (198.113,39 m2)
  • Artificial Stone Cladding, Plinth and Steps in Stairs and Technical Areas
  • Granite covering in passenger areas, plinth, (90*90*3 Cm) and Steps
  • 120*120 cm ceramic covering and plinth in general areas (18.316,31 m2)
  • Jacketing Package (Insulation + Plaster Net + Joint Gap + Dilatation Profiles + Decorative Paint) Manufacturing (6.032,00   m2 - 2.155,00   m)
  • Many other works within the building such as flower pot manufacturing and installation with special acrylic paint in waiting areas and tree plantation
  • Scaffold provision and installation works (56.920,14)                      
  • Painting (19.988,89)
  • Gas concrete parapets and Bedplates (1.775,72  m - 10.382,65   m2)            
  • Once devices are placed in technical areas, temporary doors were manufactured and installed (103 doors).
  • Metal Suspended Ceilings (111,00   m2) 
  • Membrane – Double Component Water Insulation Works (13.708,00   m2 )
  • İGA Management Building (20,000 m2)


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